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Now Loading Garden Rich Compost & Planter's Soil Mix
For everyone's safety, we are loading trucks by appointment only.

  Serving Hamilton & surrounding counties for 47 years.  Est. 1973
           State Registered Compost Site #2901C

Garden Rich Organic Leaf Compost.
This is a soil amendment that enriches the soil and aggregates tough clay soil. This product needs to be incorporated. 
Our compost is also perfect for top dressing and seeding lawns. 

Planter' Soil Mix
Great plants start with great soil. This is a blended and screened mix of 
50% top soil and 50% Garden Rich Compost.
A perfect mix for all your gardening and landscaping projects.

                                           * We do not load on rainy or wet days.* 

 What's Best About Our Leaf  Compost?

All-natural, aged, organic techniques that yield only the finest quality.                       Triple screened Bag
The living micro organisms
contained in our compost actually
promote healthier lawns and plants.

Leaf compost contains more 
micronutrients than manure compost,
without the risk of chemical carry over.


Specializing in Soil Mixes
for commercial jobs. 

Conveniently located just 2 1/2 miles East of State Road 37, just North of State Road 32.  In beautiful Noblesville.
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