Tomato Plants: These are the varieties of tomato and pepper plants that have been
started in the greenhouse for spring sales. Additional vegetable plant varieties 
will be posted in March. For more information contact:

Cherry Tomato Plants:
Variety                    Description                                                        Days         Determinate

Suncherry Extra Sweet -  The earliest red tomato, best bite.            60             Ind

Sunchocola - An extra early, extra sweet chocolate tomato.              65             Ind

Sungold - The earliest and sweetest, golden, cherry tomato.              57             Ind

Sweetie - Super producer of sweet red tomatoes, kids love them.      58             Ind

Medium Size 6 oz - 8 oz.:

Black Krim - One of the most requested varieties. This Ukrainian    69            Ind    
heirloom has award winning flavor and is quite early for it's size.

Black Sea Man - A hardy Russian heirloom with rich tangy              75            Deter
flavor.  A unique pink, purple and green, pear shaped tomato.

Chefs Choice Orange - Bred from the heirloom Amana. This            75            Ind             
bright almost neon orange produces loads of wonderfully flavored
perfect tomatoes early in the season.

Golden Girl -  A personal favorite and hard to find. This is a              59            Ind
medium size plant producing perfect, medium size, gold fruit.
It has a smooth low acidity and is approximately 5 to 6 ounces.

Mule Team - Saved for generations for it's flavor and hardiness.         78           Ind
This vigorous heirloom produces meaty, red,  8 ounce fruits.
This one continuously fruits until frost with sweet, mild flavor. 

Large Size Tomatoes:

Mushroom Basket - Eye-catching watermelon pink beauties,              75           Ind
9 to 16 ounces of delicious sweet flavor. Uniquely pleated fruits
are meaty with few seeds. Early for such large fruits,
real attention grabbers. 

Oxheart Pink Giant - This very special heirloom is an absolute           80          Ind
must have. Large, heart shaped tomato, pinkish red with gold shoulders.
Fantastic, smooth, meaty texture with a real tomato flavor. This is 
the one for everything. ( The biggest fruits and heaviest producer
I grew last year.)

Pruden's Purple - An Amish heirloom, not really purple, it is a             72         Ind.
pinkish / red.  If you can only grow one tomato this is it.
Grows in almost any weather condition and matures very early for this
10 to 12 oz. giant. Outstanding flavor and production. I have 
grown this one for 25 years, never fails.    

Pineapple - Couldn't leave this favorite heirloom out. This enormous,    85        Ind
beefsteak type tomato is yellow with red bars & sometimes red stars
on the interior. It has a fresh citrusy flavor and is well worth the wait.

Sauce Tomato Plants:

Amish Paste - This heirloom dates back over 100 years. It is best for      74        Ind
sauces and canning and is not overly acidic. Deep red fruits, about 8 oz.,
with real tomato flavor.

Costoluto Genovese - A real Italian sauce tomato! This one is a terrific   90       Ind
performer producing beautiful ribbed, 8 - 10 oz., fruits. The fleshy fruits
have the the perfect sweetness for sauce. This one was such a great looking
plant is sold out in 10 days last year.

Pepper Plants " Sweet "
Early Sunsation - large, yellow, sweet bell, early.                    68 days

Gourmet Orange- Excellent early, sweet, orange bell.             65 days

Karma Red - Early and large, sweet, red bell peppers.              75 days

Hungarian Cheese Peppers - Unusual, small, stout,                 68 days
sweet peppers. Good for stuffing. Red / Yellow / Orange.     

Yummy Mini - Sweet, little, mini bell peppers mixed colors.    68 days

Habanada - a heatless habanero with an irresistible               70 - 90 days
                    tropical flavor. Fluorescent orange color. 

Hot Peppers Plants:

Early Jalapeno - 3 1/2 inches with medium heat.                     65 days

Goliath Jalapeno - 4 1/2"  to 5" and a bit hotter than early.     70 days

Pablano Pepper -  Healthy Ancho type plants with two           80 days
lobed shoulders tapering to a point. Large 6" x 3" peppers
perfect for stuffing, frying, grilling, salsa and chili.
mild to moderate heat.

Pasilla Bajio - A 4"- 5" hot pepper, with a pungent, smoky      80 days 
flavor. It is said to be the secret ingredient in real Texas chili.


Imperial Star Artichoke Plants. Easy to grow and                  90 days
has a fascinating, iridescent bloom. grows a nice size

Black Beauty Eggplant - Heirloom Variety with lightly,         80 days
corrugated shape and smooth deep purple skin. Excellent
producer with a small seed cavity. 


All of these varieties have been chosen for their outstanding flavor 
and high production.  They have disease resistant qualities and
many are heirlooms or bred from heirlooms. This is to ensure quality
and longevity. We have also tried to provide many early maturing
varieties to keep the harvest coming all season long.

All of our plants are selected from organic seeds and grown in our own
Earth Perfect Soil Mix containing our Garden Rich Compost. Providing your
garden with the good start it deserves so you can experience the joy of gardening.

Watch for more vegetable listings to come.

Teri & John Haas

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