Dear Gardeners, 

This is a list of organically grown vegetable plants that we are growing in the greenhouse. They go on sale starting May 4th
The frost free planting date is May 10th for Indiana, weather permitting.  

 Most Tomato Plants  $4.50 / Peppers  $3.50 

Small Tomato Plants.  (Great for hand eating, kids just love them!)

Tropical Sunset -  New, gorgeous, gold with pink and red stripes cherry tomato.   
 It is almost  translucent when ripe. The flavor is fruity and bright. 
 Size  1 1/2",   60 days,  Indeterminate,  Sweetness  8 on the Brix scale.

Juliet - This AAS Winner has been highly requested. A beautiful plant with large red clusters of grape like tomatoes. High yields of unusually sweet flavored fruits.  
Size is  1 oz.,  early producer  60 days,  indeterminate.  

Sweet Cherub - A profuse producer with small, red, cherry size, super sweet tomatoes. indeterminate, 65 days.
Sungold - The earliest and the sweetest cherry tomato on the brix scale.

Medium Small Tomato Plants .  (Grow together, perfect for the smaller garden.)

Campari - The hard to find, consummate Italian tomato. Extremely juicy and sweet with high sugar content and low acidity. Everyone should grow this one perfect for salads & sandwiches. Size is 3 to 4 oz.,  70 days and indeterminate.

Moonglow - Bright orange glow with a neon intensity. The color has to be seen to really be appreciated.  High yields of 3 to 4 oz., fruits with a sweet / tart  flavor and low acidity.  80 days, indeterminate.

Grand Cluster - This is the beautiful cascading clusters of perfect tomatoes is like the ones you see at the specialty stores. Lovely to look at, tasty to eat. Limited number of plants.  4" to 5"  fruits,  65 days, determinate. 

Little Lime - Compact plants for containers or smaller gardens. Apple green to yellow , 3" juicy fruit with a delicious tangy flavor, great for salsa. Determinate
58 days, limited number of plants. 

Medium Large Tomato Plants    (Must have varieties,  unusual look with terrific flavor.)

Mushroom Basket - Eye catching watermelon pink, uniquely pleated fruits. It looks like a flower when sliced. A great mild, sweet flavor. This old time classic was my favorite, new tomato that I grew last year! I will always grow this one from now on.  
Size 8 to 16 oz.,  75 days,  indeterminate.

Black Krim - A classic Heirloom that is deep, dark, red with green shoulders with rich, sweet flavor. This tomato has won numerous awards for flavor. Very early producer for such a good sized tomato,  65 days, 8 to 12 oz.,  indeterminate. 

Large Tomato Plants   (It's just not summer without these two, flavor, flavor, flavor.)

Pruden's Purple - An Amish Heirloom, large, PINK, fruit with excellent performance every year no matter the conditions. Very meaty with few seeds. A classic tomato flavor, great for sandwiches. Fruits form on potato leaf vines. This is the BIG ONE folks! I have grown this tomato every year for the past 25 years and I have never been disappointed .  Size  12 to 18 oz., 70 days indeterminate.

Giant Oxheart Pink -  A gorgeous, large, heart shaped, pink, heirloom tomato with lovely green shoulders. This is very meaty, with a smooth, sweet flavor and very few seeds excellent for fresh eating or sauce. Without question this is the best tasting tomato I grow. So beautiful, I had an art teacher buy them to grow for his art students to paint. It always has a place in my garden.  A great big 12 to 32 oz., 80 days, Indeterminate.

Sweet Pepper Plants  :

Karma Red Bell - Rated # 1 for yield, size, color and taste. 6"x 4" peppers are thick walled with a crunch sweet taste. Huge yields on compact, hardy plants.

Early Sunsation Yellow Bell - One of the earliest bell peppers. Large, sweet,
sunny yellow fruits are usually the first to ripen each season. Extremely hardy with
sweet thick walls, 65 days usually the first big bell..

Gourmet Orange Bell - The best and earliest orange bell pepper. This is a nice size pepper on a medium size plant. Deep orange color with excellent sweet flavor. 65 days, it is very hardy.

Hungarian Cheese Peppers - Fun, mini, sweet peppers that mature early and produce all summer. Round and slightly flattened these 3" to 4" peppers are perfect for stuffing, grilling or fresh eating. High yields are produced on 18" - 24" plants. They come in red, yellow and orange colors. Great peppers to have while you wait for the big bell peppers, 55 to 60 days.

Hot Pepper Plants :

Early Jalapeno - Latin American Heirloom, 3"- 4" conical, thick walled fruit on 2' to 3', high yield plants. Moderate  heat ***, an early 65 days.

Orange Pepperoncini - Mildly hot **, tasty medium orange peppers great for salads,
pizzas or pickling, 65 - 75 days.

Ancho - Heirloom, large Poblano Pepper with tapered ends. Has a great smoky flavor with medium heat ***, high yields on 3' to 4' plants. 80 days. I stuff these and
freeze for winter meals.

Eggplant Black Beauty - Heirloom 1902, large, slightly corrugated, glossy, deep violet fruits on hardy, compact plants. 80 days. Has a meaty taste and texture and loves the heat. Plant this one in full sun.

Other Vegetable  - 

Cucumbers plants - Spacemaster and the smaller Picklers Pride.
Cabbage starts      - Optico Chinese Cabbage 
Cantaloupe melon -  Athena  75 days, voted Americas favorite.
Winter Squash       -  Waltham Butternut  and Spaghetti Squash. 
Zucchini Squash    -  Gold Rush (gold) and Black Beauty (green)  Heirlooms.


Italian Flat Leaf Parsley

Italian Large Leaf Basil

All of our vegetables are organically grown from selected organic seeds, in our *Earth Perfect Soil Mix
 made with our *Triple Screened, Garden Rich Organic Leaf Compost,
 watered with our own compost tea. 

Taking Phone orders for vegetable plants starting April 15th for pick up in early May.

Happy Gardening,
Teri Haas 

*  Ecocert and OEFFA approved. 

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