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  All of our vegetables are grown in our own Earth Perfect Soil Mix from organic seeds. They have been chosen for superior taste and performance and many are heirloom varieties.  

Tomato Plants: All of our tomato plants are indeterminate.
Our beautiful tomatoes are chosen for their outstanding flavor and performance and are listed from small to large varieties.  
4" pots / $4.50

Small to Medium size fruits.

Sunsugar - A very early and extremely sweet cherry tomato. 
                    It is about 1" around, golden orange when ripe and is 
                    very prolific.  60 days

Campari -   An Italian heirloom that is about 3" to 4" around.                                   This luscious, sweet, red fruit starts early and produces all
                    summer long. A real customer favorite. 65 days

Moonglow - Bright neon orange with incredible sweet flavor and                             none of the acid taste associated with yellow tomatoes.                          It produces high yields of 4 to 5 ounce fruits all summer.                      You will remember this flavor every summer. 70 days

Black Krim- An unusual deep, dark, red color with 8 to 12 ounce 
                       fruits. This is an award winning tomato for outstanding
                       flavor year after year. This flavorful heirloom is very                           prolific and early for it's size. Customer favorite. 65

 Large fruits.

Giant Oxheart- This heart shaped giant is truly beautiful. It is deep
                            pinkish red with gold and green shoulders and a
                            mild creamy flavor. With meaty, thick walls and 
                            few seeds it can be used for canning or fresh eating.
                            Don't miss this 12 to 16 ounce giant, worth the                                    wait!  80 days  Heirloom

Pruden's Purple- An Amish heirloom that is outstanding in every
                              aspect. The color is really pinkish red and is                                          remarkably easy to grow. The fruits are 12 to 16 
                              ounces, firm and meaty with few seeds. The flavor 
                              is typically Amish,  WONDERFUL! 
                              A very early tomato for it's fantastic size. 70 days

Peppers Plants Sweet - These sweet peppers have been selected for 
early ripening, good size, outstanding flavor and high productivity. 
4" pot / $4.50

King Arthur Red Bell- Large size, 68 days

King of the North Red Bell- Large size, 70 days

Yellow Sunsation Bell - Large size, 68 days

Cheese peppers Red or Yellow - Round, slightly flattened, cute,
                                                       mini, sweet peppers. 60 days
                                                       Kids love them!

Peppers Hot - Listed from mildly hot to hot. This is a high demand plant so we have grown an extra amount of these varieties. 
4" pot / $ 4.50   Get them while their HOT. 

Anaheim -   One of the largest chili peppers 10" to 12" long. It has a                         mildly hot flavor and is good for grilling, chili rellenos, 
                     stuffing or fresh eating. each plant produces 24 to 36 
                     peppers. 75 days    

Trident Ancho- A high yielding, Poblano type pepper that produces
                           6 1/2" x 3 1/2 " tapered, slightly flattened fruits.
                           Highly disease resistant.  75 days  medium heat

Emerald Fire - An extra large 3 1/2" fruit with medium heat,
 Jalapeno          thick walled, disease resistant, high yields.
                          Best jalapeno we have ever grown. 75 days

Devil Serrano- One spicy pepper! Vigorous 30" plants loaded with
                           2" green to red fruits. Good for chili sauce, salsa, 
                           pepper vinegars etc.. 78 days
  4 pack 2 1/2" $3.50  

Flash Collard Greens- A four pack of cool weather planting, cut and                                        come again collard greens. 4 pack, 75 days

Vates Curly Blue-   A short kale variety that is easy to grow and easy                                  to eat. A cut and come again crop until fall.   _______________________________________________________

Cucumbers  4" pot  $3.50  

Homemade Pickles- A smaller cucumber plant producing pickling
                                   size fruits. Let it go a little longer for fresh                                           eating cucumbers. Superb flavor.  54 days

Diva- An heirloom cucumber, all female variety. It is spineless, burp-
           less and nearly seedless. Grown for it's sweet fresh flavor all               summer.    58 days

Summer Dance- A Japanese, burpless variety with long 8" to 10"
                             fruit and fresh cucumber flavor. Highly disease
                             resistant. 65 days

Summer Squash Zucchini - 4" pot / $3.50

Elite Green- Glossy green with light green flecks, smooth and                                   flavorful with excellent disease resistance. 45 days

Gold Rush- This one has been hard to get and finally it's back!
                     A true gold zucchini with upright growth habit for easy
                     harvest. This smooth, cylindrical fruit has a wonderful 
                     mild flavor and is a AAS and Growers Favorite Awards
                     winner. 45 days

Winter Squash - 4" pot / $3.50

Canesi Butternut Squash - The earliest butternut squash, weighing 5 80 days                                  to 6 pounds with a small seed cavity.
                                              This great tasting, smooth textured                                                          squash has bright yellow flesh and is
                                              a vigorous and productive grower.  


Italian Large Leaf Basil  4" / $3.50


Garden Rich Organic Leaf Compost

*  Ecocert and OEFFA approved

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