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       Garden Rich Organic Leaf Compost

                           $ 50.00 per cubic yard

The perfect choice for topdressing and seeding lawns & applying under sod. It is also the perfect soil amendment for landscape plant installations. The best amendment to enrich 

your garden.

 Now is the time to enrich your garden.

Apply 3 inches of compost to your garden to increase the tilth and nutrient value of your garden soil. Leaf compost has a higher micronutrient and mineral value than manure compost without the risk of chemical exposure like, antibiotics, growth hormones, and herbicides. 

The micro-organisms contained in our compost actually promote healthier lawns and plants. Adding leaf compost to your garden will produce larger and more nutritious food for your family. For more information about our compost click on Bulk Material at the top of the page.

Planter's Soil Mix

$50.00 per cubic yard

Great plants start with great soil. 

Our Planter’s Soil Mix is a blend of 50% Garden Rich Leaf Compost and 50% screened topsoil. It is the perfect mix for all your garden and landscaping projects, especially for raised garden beds.

Specializing in soil mixes for 

residential and commercial jobs.