CLC Organics

Garden Rich Organic Leaf Compost

$ 40.00 per cubic yard

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Our compost is perfect for all your garden

and landscaping projects.

This soil amendment enriches and aggregates tough clay soil. This product should be incorporated for best results.

Garden Rich Organic Leaf Compost is the perfect topdressing for seeding lawns or under sod.

It is great for mulching in your garden and

enriching the soil for next year.

What's Best About Our Leaf Compost?

All-natural, aged, organic techniques that yield only the finest quality. The living microorganisms contained in our compost actually promotes healthier lawns and plants.

Leaf compost contains more micronutrients than manure compost, without the risk of chemical carry over.

Planter's Soil Mix

$40.00 per cubic yard

Great plants start with great soil.

Our Planter’s Soil Mix is a blend of 50% Garden Rich Leaf Compost and 50% screened top soil. It is the perfect mix for all your garden and landscaping projects, especially for raised garden beds.

Specializing in soil mixes for

residential and commercial jobs.